JUAN CARLOS COLLADA: Ubiquitous Beauty


PRESS RELEASE: JUAN CARLOS COLLADA: Ubiquitous Beauty, Jul 21 - Aug 13, 2022

JUAN CARLOS COLLADA: Ubiquitous Beauty
Jul 21 – Aug 13, 2022


JUAN CARLOS COLLADA: Ubiquitous Beauty
07.21.22 - 08.13.22

Opening Reception:
Thursday, July 21th • 5–8 pm
155 West Broadway, Jackson Hole

 Diehl Gallery is pleased to welcome Juan Carlos Collada as one of the newest artists on the gallery’s roster with a solo exhibition. This show will be comprised of works in the artist’s signature style, which involves hand-cutting, dying and painting feathers to create lyrical compositions of butterflies on panel. The artist will be present for the opening reception.

This exhibition will benefit

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