Jeremy Houghton


After training at the Slade School of Art and the University of Provence, Jeremy Houghton's formative years as an artist were spent in South Africa as Head of Fine Art at The International School of Cape Town.  On returning to England, and the village of his childhood-Broadway, he set up a studio and fully devoted himself to evolving a personal aesthetic.

Houghton paints the dynamic world; the appearance, essence and atmosphere of specific places.  The people and objects that characterize them are richly illuminated through his handling of paint, and in particular, by the way that he shapes the spaces between things, the spaces in which bodies linger, shimmer, move and sometimes take flight.

A broad variety of journeys, adventures and experiences have shaped his artistic development that has been chronicled through a rich context of specific commissions, international exhibitions and residencies. These many prestigious residenciess have taken him into close proximity with the sources of his work, enabling him to witness important events. He draws on the immediacy and vibrancy of places, recording their events and related actions to provide images that energize his approach. He was an official artist for London Fashion Week in 2008 and the Olympics in 2012; artist in residence at Highgrove in 2013, at Windsor Castle in 2014, and at Goodwood in 2015.

Paintings made in his Broadway studio embrace the natural world at full tilt and further a personal theme of dynamic motion.  Sparked by remembered experiences and a more imaginary approach, they often explore the spaces and actions of birds congregating and migrating while harnessing the liquidity of oil paint or watercolour, to processes which encourage images to subtly materialize.

These two distinct and yet complimentary bodies of work have been exhibited together in recent solo exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery (London), The Everard Road Gallery (Johannesburg), The Visual Arts Gallery (Delhi), and the Ashmolean Museum, (Broadway).