Jeremy Houghton

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New Work form Jeremy Houghton!

January 30, 2015

Diehl Gallery is pleased to announce four new works have arrived from Jeremy Houghton.  Houghton is a UK based artist who is well known for his work with the London Olympics and his prestigious appointments to Windsor and Highgrove.  Two of the new works were a part of Houghton's work at Windsor Castle with the Royal family and will be featured in Diehl Gallery's upcoming show EQUINITY.  Edge of Reason, a beautiful work depicting birds in flight was part of the Ashmolean Museum's 10 Year Restrospective on Houghton's work.  The Ashmolean is the oldest museum in the UK and is owned by Oxford University, one of the world's oldest univeristies.  Houghton and his work are admired by collectors and art lovers across the world and would make a striking addition to any collection.  Come see Jeremy Houghton's new work at Diehl Gallery now and during EQUINITY, opening February 13th, 2015. 

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