Monica Aiello


Monica Aiello Biography

Denver-based artist Monica Petty Aiello is known for her mixed-media works which blend her love of art and planetary science. She often consults with noted NASA mission scientists to construct her astro-geologically inspired work. After extensive research, she creates her lush, glassy pieces by meticulously layering acrylic, varnish, ink and fiber - like strata to interpret the geomorphology of the planets and moons within our Solar System. Her work is collected and shown internationally by museums, corporate collections and private patrons, and is recognized by art, science and popular media. Her work has been exhibited at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Aspen Art Museum, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Wheaton College, Arvada Center for Art & Humanities and at many NASA events. Monica was a Lossett Visiting Professor at the University of Redlands in California and her work is currently on loan at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She is a member of the American Astronomical Society and International Association of Astronomical Artists.

With her husband, sculptor Tyler Aiello, Monica is committed to sharing her knowledge through many public practice initiatives launched by their organization EUREKUS. The Aiello's robust programs explore science and engineering through art making with audiences of all ages. Through EUREKUS, the couple partners with NASA, museums, schools, colleges and companies nationally developing innovative STEAM education and outreach programs. The Aiellos have collaborated with NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics, Johnson Space Center, Applied Physics Laboratory, Denver Art Museum, Denver Public Schools, Mizel Museum, Bemis School of Art, Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art, California College of Art, Wheaton College, University of Colorado, Colorado State University, Metro State University, Denver University, Museum of Outdoor Arts and the Rocky Mountain School of Art + Design. The Aiellos are visiting artists at the Art Association of Jackson Hole each summer where they present their popular STEAM enrichment and outreach programs.

"Though we don't often give it much thought, art has been locked in a love-clutch with science since the first caveman picked up a cinder and used it to draw on a wall. And while a lot of that has to do with things like chemical reactions, makeup of mediums and even the speed of light, there's also an infusion of scientific study and thought that orbits around the work of making art. Leonardo Da Vinci did it, and in modern times, so does Denver painter Monica Aiello, who's known for her works inspired by the beautiful topography of distant planets distilled from NASA images." -Susan Froyd, Westword Magazine 2012