Takefumi Hori

Takefumi Hori Press: Diehl decks its walls for 'Bright and Beautiful' holiday show, December 21, 2022 - Tibby Plasse

Diehl decks its walls for 'Bright and Beautiful' holiday show

December 21, 2022 - Tibby Plasse

The amount of color hanging in Diehl Gallery — 60 works of art from 16 artists — more than justifies the name of the sixth annual holiday show: “Bright and Beautiful.


In the galleries: ‘Evolving Traditions’ from a nontraditional artist

May 11, 2018 - Mark Jenkins

The traditional element in Takefumi Hori’s art is gold and occasionally silver leaf, applied with a nontraditional abandon. The artist, also a Japan-rooted New Yorker, splits Long View Gallery’s “Heavy Metal” with Eve Stockton, whose recent woodcut prints employ organic forms and silver ink.

Hori applies metal leaf thickly and unevenly, sometimes scrawling atop the surface. If the nuances are spontaneous, the layouts are tidy. The painter sometimes bisects his compositions, grounding fields of messy gold at the top with blocks of strong, single-color pigment on the bottom. Hori’s calligraphic gestures verge on the chaotic, but they’re contained in a strictly geometric cosmos.