Private Viewing of Good Sport in NYC


PRESS RELEASE: Private Viewing of Good Sport in NYC, May  2 - May  6, 2016

Private Viewing of Good Sport in NYC
May 2 – May 6, 2016

Diehl Gallery Presents a Private Exhibition of Jeremy Houghton, Britain’s Greatest Sporting Artist, in New York City, May 2-6

Themes of space, light, movement and time are central to British artist Jeremy Houghton’s work.

One of the most collectible artists of his generation, Houghton’s resume is an impressive lineup of royal and sporting residencies including Artist in Residence to HM the Queen of England at Windsor Castle, Official Olympic Artist for the 2012 London games, and Official Artist for the ‘Race Against Time’ to the North Pole.

In 2015, Houghton was commissioned to be the official artist in residence for Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing’s America Cup challenge. Over the next year, he will chart Sir Ben and his team’s bid to bring the 2017 America’s Cup (the most prestigious race in sailing) home to England.

Diehl Gallery is Houghton’s sole United States representative gallery, and we are thrilled to bring his work to New York in May of 2016 and again for a solo exhibition in Jackson Hole August 18-September 6.

Event Information

The private viewing with Diehl Gallery is May 2 at 6:00 pm in New York City. Please contact us at or call 307-733-0905 and ask to be put on the list.

We also have by-appointment-only opportunities to meet with Jeremy May 3-6.

Some of Houghton’s Residencies & Associations

  • 2016/17 Artist in Residence for Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing (America’s Cup)

  • 2016  Official Artist for the James Hunt F1 40th Anniversary

  • 2016  Official Artist for the ‘Race Against Time’ to the North Pole

  • 2015/16 Artist in Residence at Goodwood for Lord March

  • 2014  Artist in Residence at Windsor Castle for HM The Queen

  • 2013  Artist in Residence at Highgrove for HRH The Prince of Wales

  • 2013  Tour Artist for the Aston Martin Centenary Tour

  • 2012  Official BT Artist for the London 2012 Olympic Games

About Houghton’s Work

Houghton’s work is a study of movement. In addition to sport, he uses themes such as flight, space and time, to depict a broad variety of human endeavours. “As an artist l try to avoid comfort zones, push the boundaries and further perceptual horizons. I have worked with world class athletes in many different fields, all who drive themselves to the limit. I hope my paintings capture this human sense of purpose, adding to the legacy of sport and adventure.”

Click here to view Houghton’s catalog.

“Throughout his residencies, he has positioned himself at the edge of the action, as an unobserved observer, just on the outside of the very inside.  This liminal positioning – behind the closed doors – has made me realise that on a day to day level, perception can be far removed from reality,” he explained.  Perhaps this is the reason why Houghton has not only been chosen for some truly prestigious residencies, but why he has also become a very collectible artist of his generation.”

—Formula Life