DONALD MARTINY: Praxis + Poesis


, Jul 18 - Aug  7, 2019

DONALD MARTINY: Praxis + Poesis
Jul 18 – Aug 7, 2019

Diehl Gallery
DONALD MARTINY: Praxis + Poesis
07.18.19 – 08.07.19
5 – 8 PM
Diehl Gallery presents Donald Martiny's second solo exhibition, Praxis & Poesis.  The title and exhibition are inspired by the process of work and practice that goes into creating a work of art.  During the Renaissance the actual work that went into a piece of art was often pushed aside in favor of the myth of the inspired genius.  Martiny instead dissects the work and puts the parts on full display.  Each lush work is a physical representation of the visible process of practice or praxis, while simultaneously being a fulfilled and whole work of art on its own, or poesis. 
Martiny enjoys letting us see the beginnings of the creative process, the colors mixing together and morphing into something new.  By doing so and “by changing the values or exploring the addition of other colors, it’s become easier to see the architecture of the gesture,” he says. “I like the process to be visible. (Landi, 2017)”
Martiny’s work centers around the idea of seeing the process and realizing that the process is a work of art.  It is not the end-product that is so vital, as it is that we see where the end-product came from and the history and story behind it.  By acknowledging the work Martiny further pushes the art historical conversation on what makes great art into new territories and asks us to question our own place in relation to his art.
Martiny’s work has been exhibited in numerous museums, including the Fort Worth Museum of Art, Courtauld Institute of Art, Alden B Dow Museum of Art, Falmouth Museum, and the Cameron Art Museum. In 2015 Martiny received a commission from the Durst Organization to create two monumental paintings that are permanently installed in the lobby of One World Trade Center in New York City. In 2015 Martiny received the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts Residency Grant and his work has been featured in the Huffington Post, NPR, Philadelphia Inquirer, VOGUE LIVING | Australia, New American Paintings | South and Woven Tale Press.
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