HUNT SLONEM: Coefficient Expansion


PRESS RELEASE: HUNT SLONEM: Coefficient Expansion, Feb 25 - Apr  4, 2021

HUNT SLONEM: Coefficient Expansion
Feb 25 – Apr 4, 2021

Diehl Gallery 



Coefficient Expansion

2.25.2021 - 4.04.2021


Hunt Slonem, famous for his Neo-expressionistic oil paintings as well as his eccentric fashion style and unique interior designs, will be featured in an exhibition at Diehl Gallery. While Hunt is best known for his two-dimensional work, he has expanded his artistic repertoire by delving into the worlds of glass and bronze sculptures. The exhibition will highlight these new mediums alongside some of his signature and more stylistically classic works.

The term “coefficient expansion” refers to the way a material changes in volume when heated. In this case, it has both a literal and a metaphorical meaning. While Slonem’s whimsical paintings, most notably of birds, bunnies and butterflies, have garnered a large following and significant success, he is now growing and branching out into new mediums such as glass, bronze, and mosaic sculptures. Coefficient expansion relates directly to the glassblowing process, but also, in a way, refers to Hunt’s diversification as an artist; in the heat of the limelight, Slonem is extending his own boundaries and challenging himself with these exciting new endeavors. The sculptural works have just as much character as his paintings; each one is hand blown based on Hunt’s vision and designs using the vibrant palette that he is so well known for. “That’s what’s so wonderful about this project. It’s like breaking through a veil of limitation,” Slonem says. “Glass has this translucence and a vibratory quality that’s just so much lighter and ethereal. It’s a whole new world.”

In collaboration with Idlewild Union and Glass Eye Studios, both based out of Seattle, Slonem has worked with teams of glassblowers and metalworkers to translate his beloved bunnies into dynamic and vivacious three-dimensional forms. The diversity and exuberance of hues and personalities are astonishing, and it seems that this is only the beginning. With a line-up of outdoor exhibitions in 2021, Slonem’s next venture will involve large scale installation pieces. He is also exploring possibilities with neon, light, projection, and film. With Slonem, wonders never cease, and wonder never ceases. Diehl Gallery is thrilled to be one of the first to feature these daring and scintillating new works.

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