MALCOLM FURLOW: Season of Many Prayers


PRESS RELEASE: MALCOLM FURLOW: Season of Many Prayers, Sep 10 - Oct 30, 2021

MALCOLM FURLOW: Season of Many Prayers
Sep 10 – Oct 30, 2021

Diehl Gallery 


MALCOLM FURLOW: Season of Many Prayers

9.10.2021 - 10.30.2021

Opening Reception: Friday, September 10, 2021 • 5–8 pm

155 West Broadway, Jackson Hole

In an effort to keep our community safe, we will not offer food or drink and masks are required in the gallery. Thank you for your understanding.


Diehl Gallery is pleased to welcome Malcolm Furlow as our newest artist and to celebrate this wonderful addition to our existing stable with a solo exhibition. 

Furlow's work draws heavily from his Choctaw heritage and features Native American themes and figures depicted in bold palettes. Furlow's grandfather had his braids cut off as a child and was sent away to be reeducated, forbidden to speak his native language and forced to adopt the Western ways. Growing up as a child in Louisiana, Furlow encountered the lynching of local Native Americans and his family fled one night to Texas where they believed they would be safer. 

Furlow uses his work as an outlet for this history of persecution, and though he wasn't raised with the Choctaw traditions of his ancestors, and in fact was instructed never to speak of his heritage for his own safety, he draws from a collective understanding, giving incarnation to a past that never existed for him. These powerful paintings channel vibrant energy and feature scenes of the old ways, but also contemporary Indians "rocking their mocs", fluidly navigating a cross-cultural landscape. These interwoven narratives allow for a new perspective to be imagined, one that combines the old with the new and integrates sacred tradition with present-day culture. 

Furlow's distinctive style and intrepid use of color in addition to the strength of his subject matter and compositions has made him one of the most important Southwest artists of our time. With more than 50 sold out solo exhibitions and countless sold out group shows, Furlow’s paintings command principal placement in exhibitions, philanthropists’ campaigns, and private collections around the world. He has won some of the most prestigious art awards, including the Luxembourg Art Prize (Silver) and the Gold Award at the Sorbonne, Paris (an honor shared with Pablo Picasso). Furlow’s work is included in the permanent collection of the White House. We are thrilled to represent him at Diehl Gallery. 

Furlow would like to dedicate this show to B.J. Thomas, his "soul brother". He says, "This exhibition will honor B.J., his wife Gloria Thomas, the millions of lives who have been touched by B.J.'s music, and the spirit and soul and love connection that I feel for this family."

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The opening reception of this exhibition coincides with
Palates and Palettes, the kickoff celebration of the
Jackson Hole Arts Festival.