Western Design Conference


PRESS RELEASE: Western Design Conference, Sep  8 - Sep 11, 2022

Western Design Conference
Sep 8 – Sep 11, 2022



The 29th Annual Western Design Exhibit and Sale
09.08.22 - 09.11.22
100 East Snow King Ave, Jackson Hole


Diehl Gallery is pleased to be participating in this year's Western Design Conference. 

"The Western Design Conference (WDC) brings together artists, scholars, collectors, interior designers, architects, and fashion designers with a passion for the West. From documented American craft, to home design, to fashion the Exhibit + Sale encompasses all aspects of the best of Western design. This event celebrates functional museum-quality creations capturing the spirit of the West."

Artwork by Claire Brewster, Helen Durant, Sarah Hillock, Peter Hoffer, Jeremy Houghton, Kate Hunt, Anastasia Kimmett, KOLLABS, Robert Mars, Ray Phillips, David Pirrie, Douglas Schneider, Jonathan Smith and JenMarie Zeleznak will be featured at the fair over the weekend.  

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